Sensor systems
The SurfaceMeasure 1008S - Non-contact Line-laser Sensor

Line-laser sensor providing stable measurements with simple operations.

SurfaceMeasure 1008S

Line-laser sensor providing stable measurements with simple operations.

High-accuracy and environment-resistant sensor

  • The sensor itself is guaranteed for an accuracy of 20 μm (1σ) and a Z repeatability of 0.5 μm. It has also achieved the IP67 protection level, providing stable measurements.

Supporting automated measurement

  • The SurfaceMeasure1008S can obtain the profiles and three-dimensional shapes of measurement workpieces at high speed (a maximum frame rate of 10 kHz) and make an automatic judgement inside the sensor. It is also equipped with a parts matching function that allows the measurement tool to be applied throughout, regardless of the orientations of the parts being measured. 

Simple operability

  • The software supports intuitive operation and is built into the sensor (software installation is not required), so you can use it immediately after mounting.




Ideal for


Ensure part quality
and consistency


MeasurLink Enabled
for SPC analysis

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