Loading systems from MGT are thoroughly researched, designed and developed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability, with no limit to the type of solution considered at the scheming stage. 

Unique to your requirements

Where the size, weight or sheer number of components demands a custom loading system, the performance of a highly efficient measuring machine will be compromised if that system is non-optimal.

However, the number of similar situations seen by the MGT experts means that there are many opportunities for rapidly arriving at the best solution and so getting the chosen system built, and operating, as fast as possible.

Heavy Duty System

In this system, very large and heavy parts are loaded by gantry crane onto a sliding loading pallet. The operator then manually pushes the pallet into the CMM enclosure and onto the CMM bed where the part is measured.

Automotive System

A loading system for a cylinder head and camshafts designed to make loading onto the CMM easy and ergonomic, thereby reducing overall cycle time.

Crane System

This loading system uses two fixture pallet stations feeding an enclosed CMM. The large and heavy parts are loaded onto the pallets by crane and then manually pushed onto the CMM bed.

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