Although VMMs are usually regarded as 2D measuring machines, with the addition of carefully designed fixturing they can be extremely useful for inspecting 3D products. MGT has designed and built many VMM fixtures to enable measurement of roundform components that would otherwise require a different kind of measuring machine to be available.. 

Orthopaedic Knee Joint VMM Fixture

This fixture enables an orthopaedic knee replacement joint to be measured by a Mitutoyo QV Active 404 in batches of 14 at a time. The operator loads the full batch of parts and presses ‘GO’.

  • Batch load 14 parts.
  • Maximises the VMM volume.
  • Self-aligning mechanism.


Pharmaceutical Glass Vial VMM Fixture

Glass bottles are held in this fixture for programmed measurement in batches of 70 at one time.

  • Batch load 70 parts.
  • Maximises the VMM volume.
  • Optimised for Vision Measurement.


Cutting Tool VMM Fixture

A fixture for a Mitutoyo QV Active 404 used for measuring hollow cutting tools. A standard rotary indexer holds the tool in a 3-jaw chuck for measuring the external profile and end face. Prisms are used to see the end face with backlight created using a light source shining through the tool via an optic fibre and mirror.

  • Automated measurement.
  • External and internal measurement.
  • Eliminates the need for re-alignment.


Aerospace Gear VMM Fixture

This fixture orientates an aerospace actuator part and enables simple measurement on the shop floor.

  • Quick and easy to load.
  • Quick fixture change over.
  • Self-aligning mechanism.

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