Mitutoyo in Europe


Mitutoyo's sales, business strategies, service, and production facilities throughout Europe and adjacent markets are coordinated from Mitutoyo Europe GmbH located at Neuss, Germany.


More Than 50 Years of Passion for Metrology


Düsseldorf was the first choice when it came to finding the right location for the new headquarter - finally founded in 1968 under the name of "Sampoh". The office was later contracted at Sternstraße in the midst of the Rhenish city.


When the company was founded, it had the main task, in the center of Europe, of making the brand name "Mitutoyo" well-known in the European market. To implement this target with its directives, the agency system was introduced, with one dealer in one country. In the Western European countries, the general agencies were installed, with which we have strengthened the base of our business in Europe confidently and in good cooperation. At the same time, we also opened up the Eastern European market. However, due to the political situation in socialist countries, the feasibility of measures was very limited. Nevertheless, Mitutoyo participated in numerous industrial fairs, visited the state-run purchasing associations, etc. Furthermore, Mitutoyo presented their measuring instruments in demonstration vehicles, on customers' premises. 


The late Sixties and early Seventies saw Mitutoyo's business in Europe gather pace rapidly, and soon the Sternstraße headquarter reached its limits. A new building was required, and Neuss-Norf on the opposite side of the Rhine was the location of choice. A new office and warehouse building was erected in 1974 - and part by part extended to its today size. 


Apart from Germany, Great Britain has since Mitutoyo's beginnings in Europe always been one of the strongest markets, so consequently, in 1980 a subsidiary was established in Andover/England. Sales companies in Scandinavia and the Netherlands (1981), France (1986), Italy (1987), and Switzerland (1988) followed.


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The political situation during the cold war was at times critical and influenced Sampoh's affairs. In 1980 rumor had it that Soviet troops were about to invade West Germany, so President Matsuhiko Soejima and his Japanese staff kept their suitcases packed in case they had to escape quickly. But the Soviets remained where they were, and Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of deténte made the German reunification possible, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact made Mitutoyo's business also easier in the former WP countries. Subsidiaries were established in Hungary (1997), Poland, and the Czech Republic (2002) and later also in Russia and Romania (2011). The youngest sales company was founded in Austria in 2013.


In January 2010, Mitutoyo synchronized and strengthened the concerted pan-European activities by establishing a European headquarter. The location of Mitutoyo Europe GmbH is Neuss in the vicinity of Düsseldorf, Germany. It oversees all the activities of Mitutoyo's sales, service, and production facilities throughout Europe and adjacent markets. It also plans and implements the medium and long-term business strategies of such European operations. 


A Mitutoyo Europe GmbH key objective is to promote coordination amongst its European group companies in order to optimize its sales and technical support services in the best interests of customer satisfaction.


Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH in Obendorf, founded in 1983, focuses solely on developing ground-breakingly powerful and easy-to-use software for three-coordinate measurement technology. The peripheral fields of coordinate measuring machines, jigging and loading systems, styli, and thermal cabins are covered by Komeg, a highly-specialized company acquired in 1997.



Mitutoyo Europe Today


Today, Mitutoyo in Europe is represented by 13 sales companies and general agents covering the adjacent markets. Under the strategic direction of Mitutoyo Europe GmbH there is a large production, sales, and service network at the customer's disposal, with more than 85 offices in 33 European countries. 


At their M3 Solution Centers Mitutoyo introduce their customers to the latest measurement technology and provides premium-quality solution engineering to support their business. The Mitutoyo Metrology Institutes are dedicated to providing technical education that enhances our customers' measurement evaluation technology. Mitutoyo has calibration laboratories that have obtained ISO/IEC 17025 certification. By providing calibration services for measuring instruments, Mitutoyo contributes to the development and maintenance of quality control and quality assurance systems for customers all over Europe. 


Mitutoyo supports their customers not only with top-quality, high-precision measuring instruments but also with innovative bespoke or in-line measuring solutions and high-performance software and automated solutions for practically any measuring task.