Quality control depends on constantly maintaining the maximum accuracy performance of dimensional measuring equipment and these days that increasingly means your CMM resource.


This requires regular testing of each machine between routine reverification by the manufacturer and Mitutoyo’s Verification Artefact enables you to do this quickly and economically, as often as you want, with a permanent record of results that clearly shows accuracy trends.


Features and Benefits

  • Provides early warning of any slow, systematic accuracy drift.
  • Provides an immediate check after any incident that may have affected the accuracy of a CMM.
  • Enables you to demonstrate to customers your commitment to the highest standard of quality control.
  • Highly stable artefacts with a UKAS calibration provide unquestioned dimensional integrity.
  • Designed for horizontal or vertical orientation on the measuring table at any angle within the XY plane.

Maintain performance

Consisting of highly accurate length and form artefacts on a self-contained fixture, the Verification Artefact provides all the features needed to test probe and CMM performance.

The supporting software package provides dedicated testing routines with optional control chart analysis and alert functionality, enabling immediate remedial action to be taken if necessary.

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