IT Support
Comprehensive Support from IT Specialists

Offering essential maintenance, software upgrades and hardware replacement whilst minimising critical downtime.

Powerful, efficient and reliable measurement and analysis software underpins operation of Mitutoyo’s advanced form and coordinate measuring equipment. Correct operation of these dedicated, highly versatile software packages in turn depends on effective installation plus on-going support from a range of Mitutoyo’s IT professionals, technical specialists and service personnel.



A new installation is comparatively straightforward. Mitutoyo IT Support supplies and installs the recommended software on a PC and ensures correct operation with the equipment, including the vital task of transferring the customer’s existing part data and programs. Networking arrangements can be implemented as required.


In contrast, essential maintenance, software upgrade or hardware replacement is more critical as downtime must be minimised. Some downtime is, of course, inevitable with complex machines, but any operation that involves taking equipment offline must be carefully planned and quickly performed so that the effect on production is minimised. Rest assured that Mitutoyo IT Support has the knowledge, expertise and resources to get the job done with the minimum impact on your operations. Data preservation and transfer is absolutely vital and our experts will advise on what must be backed up and transferred to an upgraded installation and can also do that on the customer’s behalf, if required.


When the inevitable problem does eventually arise you can rely on Mitutoyo for backup simply via telephone support or, more powerfully, by allowing use of our remote-control facility that lets a Mitutoyo expert take control of equipment over an internet link. This last-mentioned capability enables highly effective assistance to be offered when the difficulty is more involved than can be efficiently addressed over the phone, and can be a real time and money saver by avoiding the need for a specialist to make an on-site call.


IT Support is just one of the many aspects of Mitutoyo’s service that is renowned throughout the manufacturing industries, and is an indispensable resource that is always there to help ensure your investment in the highest quality metrology equipment available is utilised to the utmost.


If you require further assistance, advice or have an issue which requires support, please call our Customer Support Team 


Open 8.30am to 5pm (Mon-Fri)
Support for Windows 7
14th Jan 2020

The lifecycle of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7, ended on 14th Jan 2020 with their advice being to upgrade to Windows10. Due to the differences between operating systems, Mitutoyo software has been modified to support the Windows 10 OS. Therefore, please bear in mind that an upgrade to Windows 10 may also be required when upgrading Mitutoyo software.

Important Update
13th Nov 2023

For those of you using MCOSMOS, MiCAT Planner, and other Mitutoyo products that utilize CodeMeter. Please be informed that there is a required update of CodeMeter in order to use your Mitutoyo products for their intended purpose. To download CodeMeter User Runtime for Windows, click here: 

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