The scope for increasing the usefulness of these types of measuring machine is practically limitless. MGT makes a speciality of designing and building highly specialized fixtures that enhance versatility by incorporating standard accessories such as turntables, indexing heads, XY tables, centre supports and calibration artefacts. 

Crankshaft Surface Finish System

This system uses two Mitutoyo SJ-410 Surftests and one SJ-310 Surftest to measure surface finish on automotive engine crankshafts. The parts are held in a fixture and the operator is instructed by guided-sequence software to move the crankshaft into different measurement positions.

  • Shop floor measurement.
  • Simple operator interface.
  • Quick and easy to load.


Orthopaedic Shoulder Joint Contracer Fixture

A Mitutoyo Contracer fixture that mechanically aligns and securely holds a part to enable sequential measurement of a series of small bores.

  • Shop floor measurement.
  • Automatic Contracer measurement.
  • Quick and easy to load.


Automotive Surftest Fixture

This fixture comprises a stand and XY stage to enable a Mitutoyo SV-C3200 Surftest to measure the surface finish at several locations on automotive engine cylinder heads. The XY stage uses Mitutoyo linear scales and a KA counter. The stand is purposely made very heavy to dampen any floor-borne vibration that would otherwise affect measurement accuracy.

  • Shop floor measurement.
  • Vibration dampening stand.
  • Large measurement volume.


Cylinder Surftest Fixture

In this fixture the detector and drive unit of a Mitutoyo SJ-210 Surftest are mounted into a V-block so that the cylindrical part being tested for surface finish can be quickly and easily measured without any setting-up delay.

  • Fast surface finish measurement.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quickly measure cylindrical parts.

Twin Rotary Axes Surftest Fixture

This manually operated fixture system enables a Mitutoyo SV-C3200 Surftest to measure surface finish on automotive engine cylinder heads, blocks and crankshafts. It has two rotary axes and uses four different sub-fixtures that locate on the main fixture to accommodate each type of part.

  • Precise mechanical alignment.
  • Simple manual movement.
  • Flexible interchangeable fixtures.

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