Protect your investment from contamination, improve reliability of measurements and reduce maintenance costs. Mitutoyo’s Inspection Enclosures are designed to help keep your CMMs and instruments free of airborne contamination.


Every enclosure is an assembly of PVC and polycarbonate panels supported on a structural extruded-aluminium framework, a construction that, incidentally, provides another level of operator safety and security for valuable equipment.


Features and Benefits

  • Standard fans create positive pressure inside the enclosure to exclude airborne contaminants, increase reliability of measurements and reduce CMM maintenance costs.
  • Enclosures are robustly built to withstand the demands of a busy shop floor manufacturing facility.
  • Clean, functional design enhances the appearance of your CMMs.
  • Air-conditioning option is available to add temperature control to the clean-air environment.
  • Enclosed volume provides greatly improved working conditions for intricate inspection operations.
  • Transparent, polycarbonate, easy-clean panels pass sufficient light for normal use and are shatterproof, tough and durable.
  • Double doors fold back enabling easy access for part loading.
  • Modular design with removable panels enables easy construction around existing machines, straightforward relocation (if required) and assists in annual CMM servicing.

Real application

A CMM enclosure and loading system designed for handling large aero engine compressor blades in a production line situation. Clean air fed continuously from outside the factory to the enclosure creates a higher pressure inside than outside to stop dust from entering, which would otherwise contaminate the CMM and compromise measurement accuracy.


The very large and heavy parts are loaded by the yellow gantry crane onto the sliding loading system pallet. The operator then manually pushes the pallet into the enclosure and onto the CMM bed where the part is measured.


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