The utility of basic handheld measuring tools can be extended by quite simple add-on devices, which results in a powerful route to cost-effective measurement. MGT can advise when an application is amenable to such an approach and design and deliver the most appropriate solution.

Special Calipers

A special caliper to measure the material thickness of cast automobile cylinder blocks.

  • Designed for customer applications.
  • Utilises Digital Indicators.
  • Data output to MeasurLink SPC software.


Special Vernier Jaws

These special long jaws are fitted to a carbon-fibre Mitutoyo Digimatic caliper for measuring the diameter of very large roll tooling.

  • Extra long reach.
  • Interchangeable.
  • Custom design.


Examples of previous hand tools…

Polo Gauge

This tool is used is designed to measure the external diameter of a large component while it is still on the lathe by using a hinged section to enable access over the outboard centre. The tool is zeroed at the required size using gauge blocks and the measurement is made by rocking between the stops to find the maximum reading on the Mitutoyo Digimatic indicator.

  • Measurement on the machine tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • Custom design.

Special Micrometer Anvil

The breakout diameter of a countersunk hole is measured using this special anvil fitted to a Mitutoyo Digimatic micrometer.

  • Measurement of difficult features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Custom design.

Rivet Flushness Gauge

A tool to measure the depth of rivet heads below the surface of aeroplane wings to check that they are under flush.

  • Measurement on the wing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Custom design.

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