Form Measurement

The Roundtracer FLASH is the perfect solution for accurate quality control in the laboratory as well as in the production environment.

Roundtracer FLASH

Measurement precision and “FLASH” cycle times: all-in-one

There is a wide measurement toolkit library that can easily solve any of the most typical measurement problems. These include dimensional, position, and form measurements both in static and dynamic mode. The library also includes thread measurement functions.


  • Unrivaled measuring speed, thanks to the no z-axis movements. Full 2D optic.
  • Image consistency: complex profiles and part geome- tries are acquired inside the same image frame, so removing from measurements any, even negligible machine mechanical error.

  • Axial run-out: the 2D image frame allows for the entire surface to be captured dynamically, at each angle, during the part rotation. That’s why the Roundtracer Flash performs optical TIR better than any other traditional optical solution.

  • Thru-holes measurement: only a few milliseconds are 4 necessary between the image acquisition and the thru-hole measurement execution.


With the absence of Z-axis motion the optical acquisition of the complete part - which consumes time on other systems - is performed almost instantaneously on the Roundtracer Flash. Therefore its cycle time is impressively fast. For example, it executes 100 static measurements in just 2 seconds irrespective of how the measurement sections are distributed along the shaft length!


Fixed position sensors mean there is no mechanical stress. The metrological performance of the Roundtracer Flash is consistent and stable over millions of cycles. There are also minimal maintenance requirements.


Screws, pins, or rivets can be easily and quickly measured with the Roundtracer Flash. The standard measurement toolkit includes threads analysis: maximum and minimum diame- ter, pitch diameter, pitch value, thread angle, thread linearity, total thread length.

Watch the Roundtracer FLASH in action.


Ideal for


Ensure part quality
and consistency


MeasurLink Enabled
for SPC analysis


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