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Martin Baker relies on Mitutoyo's quality

Since 1946, Martin Baker has delivered more than 85,000 seats to 91 nations with more than 16,000 seats currently in service in 78 countries across 51 aircraft types. For more than 25 years,

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Mitutoyo speed handles Bushell & Meadows increased production

Bushell and Meadows specialise in the production of complex components from a variety of materials including titanium, plastics, aluminium, stainless steel and other special alloys. The company is able to undertake the development of prototypes and carry out production runs ranging from small batche…

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Ford Aerospace ‘Coordinating’ Quality with Mitutoyo

As one of the UK’s leading aerospace manufacturing companies, Ford Aerospace administers an all-embracing quality system. Rather than being regarded as two separate entities, the company’s quality regime is inextricably linked to all of its production systems. From the receipt of raw materials, thou…

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Mapvision Quality Gate

The MITUTOYO Corporation joined forces with Mapvision Ltd, the in-line inspection specialist headquartered in Helsinki/Finland.

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Mitutoyo tightens precision levels for aerospace subcontractor

Based on a heritage site where Edwin Beard Budding invented the lawnmowerin 1830 and the adjustable spanner in 1842, Impcross Ltd is a manufacturer that continues this tradition; branding its business as a ‘world class centre of specialist precision engineering excellence’. Whilst countless subcon…

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