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October 22, 2024
Mitutoyo is celebrating its 90th anniversary!

Thank you for all of your support and patronage.

“Measurement” connects the future of manufacturing

After successfully producing micrometers domestically in a small research laboratory, Mitutoyo has progressed as a leading company in precision measurement. The environment surrounding manufacturing has changed with the times. A number of new technologies and wisdom were born during these changes. “Measurement” has been a focus of Mitutoyo since its founding. It has always been at the center of manufacturing. That's why we proactively anticipate customer changes and promote "change" and "diversity". We want to be a bridge that connects technology and ideas to the next generation. Mitutoyo will continue to propose the future of manufacturing through measurement, together with everyone involved in manufacturing.




Message From Our President





This year, our company is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your support and patronage.


Since our company's founding, we have worked to solve our customers' problems with the management philosophy of "contributing to society through precision measurement." We hope to continue contributing to the improvement of our customers' productivity and the development of society.

To this end, we have returned to our founding spirit, and with the belief that each employee's desire to do this will change the world, we are proud of our challenging spirit of thinking and acting on our own and aim to be a Mitutoyo that is truly needed by society. By doing so, we will continue to push forward toward our upcoming 100th anniversary.


We look forward to your continued support.






Representative Director and President: Yoshiaki Numata

OUR History



Birth of Mitutoyo



Mitutoyo began when founder Yehan Numata started his research in Kamata, Tokyo, intending to domestically produce micrometers, which at the time were almost 100% imported. In 1936, he rented a barn of just 50 square meters, turned it into a factory, and founded the company we know today as Mitutoyo Corporation.




Exporting to the World and Establishing Overseas Corporations


Founder Yehan Numata participated as a representative from Japan at the 1st International Measuring Instruments Conference and Exhibition held in the United States. In addition, our experience in market research in the United States and Canada served as a foothold for subsequent exports, and in 1963 we established our first overseas base in the United States.



Full-Scale Entry Into the Coordinate Measuring Machine Market


The prototype of Mitutoyo's three-dimensional measuring machine was an XY universal position measuring machine that was custom-made in 1968. After producing and selling several models, the Technology Headquarters established in 1972 developed the A21 model, which was equipped with an in-house scale, and entered the market in earnest.


Digitalization of Measuring Tools



Digital measuring tools were becoming much more common in the measuring equipment industry around the world, and as technological competition toward smaller sizes and lower costs intensified, we launched the digital measuring tool "Digimatic Series." This went on to become a hit product that sweeps the domestic and international markets, even today.



A New Generation of Mitutoyo




In 1987, 50 years after our founding, we changed our company name to "Mitutoyo Co., Ltd." and took a new step forward. As a comprehensive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments for the 21st century.




The World’s First Minimum Display Amount of 0.0001 mm



In 2011, we released a high-precision digimatic micrometer that enables measurement in the 0.1μm range. This was achieved due to an electromagnetic induction type ABS rotary sensor as the position detection method, allowing the switch of minimum display amount (0.0001mm/0.005mm), function lock, and other functions to support a variety of measurements.




Coordinate Measuring Machines Reach the World’s Highest Level of Accuracy



The LEGEX Takumi model was born using ultra-high precision lapping technology and finishing technology and in addition to analyzing and eliminating error factors from the previous model, it has achieved a 26% increase in accuracy. It was released as a new three-dimensional measuring machine that realizes quality control in situations where a higher level of precision is required.

OUR Vision



Mitutoyo's "Vision 100" outlines our commitment to being a "Future Solution Provider" through the core values of a "good environment", "good people", and "good technology". We focus on "Innovation, Globalization, Solution Structure, Expansion of Sensing Fields, and Shining Human Resources" to lead the future of measurement, providing continuous solutions based on our extensive expertise in manufacturing, measurement, and operations.


The semiconductor market is poised for growth, driven by the accelerating shift to electric vehicles and increased demand in automotive and industrial equipment. As the need for maintenance and repair rises, particularly in passenger aircraft, and technological innovation advances in areas like space, agriculture, and green power, measurement challenges are expected to become more complex and diverse. Addressing the growing demand for smart factories amid a shrinking workforce in manufacturing, Mitutoyo is committed to adapting swiftly to these changes. Through collaboration among sales, service, and development teams, we aim to play a pivotal role in resolving our customers' evolving measurement challenges.


As the global push for decarbonization gains momentum, Mitutoyo, guided by its management philosophy of "contributing to harmony with the natural environment," actively engages in environmental conservation initiatives, notably climate change countermeasures within its corporate operations. Recognizing this as a paramount concern for the future, Mitutoyo has pledged a substantial commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to 2018. With the entire company obtaining ISO14001 certification and the integration of a comprehensive environmental management system into our business practices, Mitutoyo is dedicated to playing a crucial role in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), comprising 17 objectives for building an inclusive world, serve as a global roadmap. Aligning with our management philosophy of "Contributing to Society through Precision Measurements", Mitutoyo has interlinked the "Six Guidelines of our Management Philosophy" with the SDGs. By establishing priority areas to be accomplished by 2030, we are committed to actively addressing the SDGs. Through our dedication to resolving measurement challenges, we aim to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of both society and businesses.