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CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo ‘Implants’ advanced CMMs into Orthoplastics

Lancashire based Orthoplastics Ltd is recognised throughout the world as the global leader in the development and supply of both implantable grade plastics and biocompatible plastics for instrument applications. The company produces...

Find out more Posted on 11th April 2017

NEWS | Latest Edition of Mitutoyo’s Metrology Handbook is Out Now

A new and much enlarged edition of Mitutoyo UK’s Metrology Handbook is now on sale. Even though extensive revisions and additions have increased the page count by 50% the original cover price has been held, surely making this ...

Find out more Posted on 20th March 2017

NEWS | A tasty beer requires a smooth finish

As even the smallest numbers of contaminants can multiply during the brewing process, ensuring that outstanding levels of hygiene are maintained is vital to the effective production of quality beer. The avoidance of contaminants helps to...

Find out more Posted on 13th March 2017

NEWS | GROB G350 - Generation 2

An invitation to the UK launch of the GROB G350 - Generation 2. Highlights include live demonstrations and Q&A's...

Find out more Posted on 6th March 2017

NEWS | O.L.D. Engineering quality top of the 'Form' with Mitutoyo

Taking its distinctive name from the initials of the company’s three founders surnames, O.L.D. Engineering was established in 1971 in a small factory in Sharnford, Leicestershire. The fledgling subcontract business soon....

Find out more Posted on 15th February 2017

NEWS | Mitutoyo’s Precise support of WorldSkills International!

Mitutoyo, the world’s largest metrology company, has been named as a WorldSkills Global Industry Partner. As a renowned supplier of metrology measuring instruments, machines and systems to previous WorldSkills competitions...

Find out more Posted on 1st January 2017

CASE STUDY | LPE ‘Coordinating’ Quality with Mitutoyo

The quality, reliability and longevity of manufactured products is continuously improving, in addition to enhanced design techniques and developments in material science, this progress is largely due to the use of advanced quality control methods and....

Find out more Posted on 14th September 2016

CASE STUDY | Rigibore’s Precision Vision Decision

Rigibore is a renowned manufacture of precision boring bars and advanced boring systems that can be designed to accommodate customers’ specific requirements. Extensive experience in the specialist area of boring tool technologies and....

Find out more Posted on 9th August 2016

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo’s Vision of Quality for Precision Micro

For more than half a century Birmingham based Precision Micro Ltd has pioneered innovative photo chemical etching production techniques. The company’s precision manufacturing technologies, design skills and detailed inspection....

Find out more Posted on 22nd July 2016

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo assist JJ Churchill with Pace & Precision

Few companies involved in the manufacture of aero engine components can boast a heritage that stretches back to the dawn of the jet engine age. One such concern is JJ Churchill.....

Find out more Posted on 28th June 2016

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo ‘Monitor’ the Quality of Surface Roughness

Monitor Coatings Limited is a privately owned company with over 30 years of experience in providing high quality coatings to a wide range of demanding industries, including the Aerospace, Oil & Gas exploration and Steel sectors....

Find out more Posted on 3rd May 2016

CASE STUDY | KPM UK Quality ‘In the Round’ with Mitutoyo

Established in 1968 the Precision Machinery division of Kawasaki has been at the forefront of hydraulic technology and development for nearly 50 years. The Kawasaki brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in hydraulic pumps, motors, valves....

Find out more Posted on 14th April 2016

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo hard and fast rules at Cross

Since the 1920’s the Cross Manufacturing Company has specialised in the design and manufacture of heat resisting wrought alloy sealing rings and associated products. Cross’ expertise within its chosen fields has resulted in the...

Find out more Posted on 12th March 2016

CASE STUDY | An Injection of Speed and Precision

Since STOBA Präzisionstechnik’s formation in Southern Germany more than 50 years ago the company has grown into a multinational concern, currently employing some 650 workers in four high-tech manufacturing plants located in southern Germany....

Find out more Posted on 11th February 2016

CASE STUDY | Bigger, faster, more accurate – Chirton Engineering choose Mitutoyo CMM

Now regarded as one of the UK’s leading subcontract engineering business,it is difficult to believe that North Shields based, Chirton Engineering Ltd was established as recently as 2003. From relatively modest beginnings, the company has enjoyed...

Find out more Posted on 18th January 2016

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo provide pace and precision to ITP engines

Over recent years, a wide range of advanced machine tools have been developed to help satisfy global aerospace manufacturing industry’s requirement to produce parts faster than ever before. Although these innovative...

Find out more Posted on 22nd December 2015

CASE STUDY | Martin-Baker upgrades inspection capability with Mitutoyo

The global aerospace manufacturing industry is renowned for administering the highest standards of quality control and for utilising detailed inspection and testing systems. The employment of skilled staff, the use of the....

Find out more Posted on 22nd October 2015

CASE STUDY | JMFC sees a future with Mitutoyo Vision

There comes a time when older inspection equipment gets to the stage where its performance threatens to create a bottleneck in production. This was the situation reached with a 10-year-old Vision Measuring System...

Find out more Posted on 28th July 2015

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo 'Coordinating' Quality at Express Engineering

Mitutoyo UK recently completed the installation of the company’s largest ever Coordinating Measuring Machine sold in the UK. The Crysta-Apex C CMM enables Express Engineering to undertake...

Find out more Posted on 8th July 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Mitutoyo standardises fast and compact measuring system

Once in a while a custom development for one particular customer turns out to be just what many others also want – they just didn’t know it until they saw it...

Find out more Posted on 8th July 2015

CASE STUDY | Mitutoyo put Precision in Mould Tools

Precision Moulds & Tools Services Ltd was formed in 1991 by two partners who shared a passion for high-precision machining and a vision of the future of high quality tool making. Over the past 25 years the company’s founders have....

Find out more Posted on 11th May 2015

NEWS | Mitutoyo Introduces Next Generation High-precision Height Gauge

Mitutoyo’s next generation QM-Height Digimatic height gauge offers a best-in-class accuracy of 3.6/4.5µm over the measuring range (350/600mm) and significant improvements in design and capability...

Find out more Posted on 12th February 2015

CASE STUDY | Waters sees high-end Mitutoyo metrology make a difference

More than a decade ago Waters Corporation, the scientific laboratory instrument and software manufacturer, started introducing high-end metrology equipment to its several sites in the South Manchester area to help cope with the...

Find out more Posted on 8th January 2015

CASE STUDY | Xtrac tracks true with Mitutoyo's contracing technology

When you operate at the cutting edge of your field with customers absolutely relying on you to come through with solutions, issues that affect production quality in engineering or manufacturing must be stamped on without hesitation...

Find out more Posted on 1st December 2014

NEWS | Mitutoyo (UK) Ltd launches City & Guilds Level 2 Award in Dimensional Metrology

Mitutoyo (UK) Ltd., in collaboration with City & Guilds, is proud to announce the exclusive launch of a National Qualification in Dimensional Metrology.

Find out more Posted on 7th October 2014

CASE STUDY | Autocraft looks to Mitutoyo for a precision solution


Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions, operating from a 56,000sqm site near Grantham, Lincolnshire, is the largest independent engine remanufacturer in Europe, supplying such well-known OE manufacturers...

Find out more Posted on 25th September 2014

CASE STUDY | Full throttle on the brake test stand at BMW


BMW AG reduces the measuring time needed for brake disc production in its Berlin-Spandau plant by more than 50 per cent. The introduction of high-speed coordinate measuring machines...

Find out more Posted on 25th July 2014

NEWS | Mitutoyo displays aerospace capability at Farnborough


Farnborough International Airshow this July sees Mitutoyo UK highlighting its measuring expertise in measuring complex aero-engine components.

Find out more Posted on 30th June 2014

CASE STUDY | GB Precision measures up to the future with high-tech metrology equipment


Recent investments in high level metrology equipment at Birmingham-based GBPrecision mean customers in demanding industry sectors such as aerospace and motorsport can be assured...

Find out more Posted on 25th June 2014

NEWS | 250,000 calibrations and counting


Mitutoyo UK recently reached a significant milestone - 250,000 calibrations of all types of metrology equipment, from the simplest handheld instruments up to the most accurate and sophisticated measuring machines...

Find out more Posted on 13th March 2014

CASE STUDY | Salcey Precision Engineering invests to stay ahead


Recent investments in sophisticated multi-axis machine tools and high-level Mitutoyo metrology equipment at Salcey Precision Engineering of Hartwell, Northamptonshire, mean customers in demanding...

Find out more Posted on 13th March 2014

NEWS | Mitutoyo celebrating 80 years on

80th Anniversary

Celebrating 80 years in the Metrology industry! Mitutoyo started from humble beginnings in 1934 in Japan and now have a presence in more than 80 countries...

Find out more Posted on 1st January 2014

SALE | The Mitutoyo Winter Sale is NOW ON!

Winter Sale

Save up to 50% on a selection of our best selling products. Not only are we offering great discounts on some of our most popular products we are also giving away free gifts with every product ordered. You can buy online or call our sales team on 01264 353123.

See the SALE Posted on 1st October 2013

Event | MEDTEC Ireland’s leading event for medical device manufacturers.

Watch our Videos

MEDTEC runs on 9-10 October 2013 and is Ireland’s leading event for medical device manufacturers. Access to the MEDTEC Ireland exhibition is free for all delegates and visitors alike and gives device manufacturers and designers access to over 100 of the industries leading suppliers.

Find out more Posted on 1st September 2013

Silver | Sam gets Silver in Duathlon World Championships.

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Sam works at Mitutoyo in Andover preparing customer quotations. She has just acheived a Silver Medal at the 2013 Ottawa ITU Duathlon World Championships. Competing in the Female 20-24 AG category she is now ranked number one in Europe. Congrations to Sam and good luck for the future.

More info soon Posted on 15th August 2013

Videos | Watch our products in action, online in high definition.

Watch our Videos

Written descriptions and still pictures can only go so far in describing how things work, or are used. That’s why we are offering these video clips to clearly demonstrate typical usage of Mitutoyo measuring tools and systems, from the simplest hand tool to the most advanced measuring machines. Our ever growing collection of videos are well worth a look!

Watch the videos Posted on 12th April 2013

Education | FREE Quick Guide to Measurement

Quick Guide to Measurement

The Mitutoyo Quick Guide to Measurement is a newly released reference source for all those needing a concise overview of the basic, and some not so basic, dimensional measurement tools and instruments.

Claim your FREE copy of this 64-page A4 full-colour quick guide.

Find out more Posted on 20th March 2013

Event | The Skills Show - NEC Birmingham

UK Skills

Mitutoyo is a key supplier to the UK’s biggest skills and careers event. The Skills Show is a unique annual celebration that will inspire the fashion designers, web developers and engineers of tomorrow with exciting opportunities in further education, skills and Apprenticeships.

Event dates; 15th, 16th and 17th of November 2012.

Find out more Posted on 23rd September 2012

NEW Product | The Revolutionary Mitutoyo Ko-ga-me, a compact 3D CNC measuring system.


Mitutoyo announces availability of the innovative, new Ko-ga-me® measurement head – designed to bring full capability to applications where a compact, high-performance, 3D CNC, 2- or 3-axis measurement system would be ideal.

View the full specs, features and watch our product video here. Posted on 8th September 2012

NEW Product | MACH-3A CNC CMM developed specifically for in-line applications.

Mach 3A

Instead of the basic GO/NO GO judgments common to in-line gaging, the MACH-3A CNC provides comprehensive measurements to enable statistical control utilizing numeric data. The MACH -3A is a clean slate design embodying numerous features dedicated to functionality and high-performance for in-line applications.

View the full specs, features and watch our product video here. Posted on 18th August 2012


Think Integration, Think Profit!

Think Metrology: Think Robotics: Think Turning: Think Milling:

Think 4 leading technology innovators combining to create one event - offering your business the opportunity to witness and embrace profitable integrated manufacturing. Mitutoyo, Fanuc Robotics, Tornos and Matsuura have teamed up to create a very special event - to be held at the adjoining Matsuura and Tornos technology centres in Leicestershire.

Event dates; 16th, 17th and 18th of October 2012.

Book here Posted on 15 August 2012

NEW Product | SJ-410 - The New Standard in High-Precision, High-Performance Surface Roughness Measurement


Mitutoyo is about to introduce to the market the newly developed Surftest SJ-410 series, a line of SJ-series portable surface roughness testers for managing surface roughness on-site. Successor to the SJ-401 series, featuring greater precision and performance with the ability to effortlessly switch between skidded and skidless measurement.

View the full specs, features and watch our product video here. Posted on 9th May 2012

NEW Product | SJ-310 - The New Standard in On-Site Surface Roughness Measurement for Machining Applications


Mitutoyo is about to introduce to the market the newly developed Surftest SJ-310 series, a line of SJ-series portable surface roughness testers for managing surface roughness on-site, successor to the SJ-301 series, featuring easier operability and more extensive measurement and analysis features in a compact and easy-to-use size.

View the full specs, features and watch our product video here. Posted on 9th May 2012

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