Introduction to SPC

This is a one day course. The objective of the course is to provide the delegate with an understanding of the fundamental principles associated with Statistical Process Control (SPC), and also its use and the benefits that can be drawn from it. A prior knowledge of measurement applications, production activities and basic mathematics would be advantageous.

This course is comprised of the following elements:

  • What is Statistical Process Control?
  • Tally Chart / Frequency Table
  • Bar Charts and Histograms
  • Relationship between Histograms and Specification Limits
  • Measures of Location (Setting) or Central Tendency (includes Mean, Median and Mode)
  • Measure of Variability (Spread) (includes Range and Standard Deviation)
  • Process Improvement
  • Control Charts
  • Understanding a Control Chart
  • Capability (Cp, Cpk, etc.)

Why Attend?

To be able to confidently apply the basic principles of Statistical Process Control and interpret the results gained.


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*Course length subject to variation depending on which route is taken