Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Small measuring tools are the backbone of measurement in industry and Mitutoyo offers a complete range to cover practically all requirements, whether an application only needs just a basic caliper or tolerances are so tight as to demand the most accurate and highest resolution hand-held micrometer available today.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink 9 Brochure - MUK0772

MeasurLink 9 Brochure

An easy-to-use, data collection and real-time SPC suite.
(Ref. MUK0772)

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Mitutoyo Data Management Brochure - PRE1502

Data Management Brochure

Partner with Mitutoyo to design your data management system.
(Ref. PRE1502)

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Mitutoyo Linear Height Brochure - PRE1286(3)

Linear Height Brochure

High performance 2D measurement system.
(Ref. PRE1286(3))

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Mitutoyo MDH Micrometer Brochure - PRE1375(2)

MDH Micrometer Brochure

High accuracy and high resolution digital micrometer.
(Ref. PRE1375(2))

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Mitutoyo Micrometer Heads Brochure - PRE1441

Micrometer Heads Brochure

Measurement and precision positioning.
(Ref. PRE1441)

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Mitutoyo QM Height Brochure - PRE1515

Mitutoyo QM Height Brochure

High-performance digital height gage.
(Ref. PRE1515)

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Mitutoyo U-WAVE fit Brochure - PRE1493

U-WAVE fit Brochure

Measurement data wireless communication system.
(Ref. PRE1493)

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