Optical Measuring

Mitutoyo microscopes and profile projectors are available for assessing many types of workpiece where a non-contact measurement method is deemed the most effective. Every instrument represents an excellent investment in terms of productivity, versatility, quality of construction and service support.

Mitutoyo TAGLENS Brochure - PRE1498

Mitutoyo TAGLENS Brochure

TAGLENS ultra-deep-focus eliminates the most important conventional lens limitation.
(Ref. PRE1498)

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Mitutoyo PJA3000 Projector Brochure - PRE1162(2)

PJA3000 Projector Brochure

A vertical-beam projector featuring a bright screen and digital X, Y and angle readouts.
(Ref. PRE1162(2))

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Mitutoyo MF MFU Microscopes Brochure - PRE1404

MF MFU Microscopes Brochure

For customers who are considering purchasing measuring microscopes.
(Ref. PRE1404)

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Mitutoyo Measuring Microscopes - PRE1303(4)

Mitutoyo Measuring Microscopes

Higher performance measuring microscopes stretch the boundaries.
(Ref. PRE1303(4))

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Mitutoyo Microscope Units & Objectives Brochure - PRE1457

Microscope Units & Objectives

Microscope viewing units and objective lenses for UV, NUV, Visible & NIR region.
(Ref. PRE1457)

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