Coordinate Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines are available in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes to cover practically all precision 3D measuring applications, with every machine representing an excellent investment in terms of productivity, versatility, quality of construction, training and service support.

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex V CNC CMM Brochure - MUK0776

CRYSTA-Apex V CMM Brochure

A new generation of CMM for tomorrow's IoT production environment.
(Ref. MUK0776)

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Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555 Brochure - PRE1510

MiSTAR 555 CMM Brochure

Easily operable CMM adjacent to a machine tool on the production line.
(Ref. PRE1510)

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Mitutoyo Styli & Accessories Brochure - PRE9830174

Styli & Accessories Brochure

Maximum precision, pioneering innovation and convincing economics.
(Ref. PRE983017(4))

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Mitutoyo MCOSMOS CNC Brochure - PRE1156(6)


Software for 3D-CNC-coordinate measuring machines. A new dimension in quality assurance.
(Ref. PRE1156(6))

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Mitutoyo Fixtures Brochure - PRE14032

Fixtures Solutions Brochure

Flexible fixturing systems from Mitutoyo. ECO-FIX, CAR-FIX and OPTI-FIX.
(Ref. PRE14032)

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Mitutoyo MAFIS Express Brochure - MUK0626

MAFIS Express Brochure

Measure at express speed with Mitutoyo's premium aerofoil software package.
(Ref. PRE1156(6))

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Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S CMM Brochure - MUK0697(2)

CRYSTA-Apex S CMM Brochure

The CRYSTA-Apex CMM meets the challenges of today's busy production environment.
(Ref. MUK0697(2))

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Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex Series CMM Brochure - PRE1370(3)

STRATO-Apex Series CMM Brochure

The STRATO-Apex CMM offers you the ability to mach precision and velocity.
(Ref. PRE1370(3))

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Mitutoyo Ko-Ga-Me CMM Brochure - PRE1401(3)

Ko-Ga-Me CMM Brochure

The Ko-Ga-Me is a unique and compact CMM ready for automated measurements.
(Ref. PRE1401(3))

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Mitutoyo LEGEX CMM Brochure - PRE1434

Mitutoyo LEGEX CMM Brochure

The LEGEX CMM is recognized as the world's ultimate high-accuracy measurement technology.
(Ref. PRE1434)

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Mitutoyo MiCAT Planner Brochure - PRE1446

Mitutoyo MiCAT Planner Brochure

MiCAT Planner allows you to generate your CMM part programs with unprecedented efficiency.
(Ref. PRE1446)

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Mitutoyo Special Size CMMs Brochure - PRE1341

Special Size CMMs Brochure

Mitutoyo offer a wide range of special size and custom CMM solutions to meet your needs.
(Ref. PRE1341)

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Mitutoyo Measuring Heads Brochure - PRE1312(4)

Measuring Heads Brochure

Mitutoyo CMM measuring heads and accessories for the best measurement results.
(Ref. PRE1312(4))

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Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Plus M CMM Brochure - PRE1203(6)

CRYSTA-Plus M CMM Brochure

The CRYSTA-Plus M CMM is an all-round system for manual 3-D coordinate measuring tasks.
(Ref. PRE1203(6))

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Mitutoyo CMM Overview Brochure - PRE1172(9)

CMM Overview Brochure

Match all your needs in terms of accuracy, throughput, reliability, flexibility and automation.
(Ref. PRE1172(9))

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Mitutoyo CMM Verification Artefact Leaflet - MUK0703

Verification Artefact Leaflet

A CMM fixture for fast, reliable and regular tracking of CMM accuracy.
(Ref. MUK0703)

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Mitutoyo CMM Monitor Stand Leaflet - MUK0740

CMM Monitor Stand Leaflet

Increase inspection productivity and minimise a CMM's footprint.
(Ref. MUK0740)

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