Sub-contract Measurement

Mitutoyo is relied upon the world over for the quality and reliability of its products. It is this reputation that makes Mitutoyo the obvious choice for your sub-contract measurement requirements.

Whether calling on us due either to time or financial constraints, our Sub-Contract Measurement service ensures that the most cost-effective options are made available in order to meet the quality targets demanded worldwide. Our Coventry and Halifax Sub-Contract Measurement centres offer a full range of third-party measurement, reporting and programming services. Halifax also provides specialist turbine blade measurement and programming resources. The most demanding components can be measured, profiled, analysed, scanned, programmed or compared to CAD data. In fact, any QC, QA production or SPC function can be carried out with speed and precision, causing the least possible disruption to your overall project plans.

In today’s ultra-competitive manufacturing industry, gaining a competitive advantage over the opposition is essential. This means that companies have to be quality focussed while at the same time remaining cost effective and reaching market as soon as possible. Mitutoyo’s Sub-Contract Measurement Service can help your company achieve these goals by providing a service that can free your resources, ensure you remain financially efficient and operate within project budgets.

Mitutoyo’s Sub-Contract Measurement centres feature the latest in measurement technology and are equipped to offer the following services:

  • Dimensional Measurement
  • Roundness Measurement
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Initial Sample Inspection reports
  • On-Site Programming
  • CAD/CAM Links and Reverse Engineering
  • Geometry and Form
  • Prototype Verification
  • Design & Development Investigations
  • Hardness Testing
  • Surface Finish Measurement
  • Machine/Process Capability
  • Off-Line Programming (Geometry, Scanning, etc.)
  • Scanning/Digitising
  • Profile Measurement and Comparison
  • First-off/Last-off Verification
  • Mould and Die Measurement

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